Sammy Cheezecake bring all the sweets to you. You have the option to choose numerous flavors from our awesome line up of cheesecakes and cakes. We bring all the necessary serving utensils needed so there is not work for you.


Reservations for the truck is available (Mon-Thu) and some weekends. Please complete the order form below and we would be happy to customize a quote for your specific event. 

Serve Time & Location

Our serve time is approximately 2 hours, between the hours of 11:00am-4:00pm, we can stick around longer if needed. After 4:00pm time is also available. We currently service a 25 mile radius. 

Parking Requirements

Please ensure we will have adequate parking and space to serve at your event. Most catered events on public property may require a parking permit. It is the customer responsibility to verify Sammy Cheezecake can park and serve on the premise.